Running Still

Nicole MADI (2016), University of Sussex, MA Sonic Media.

Press play and listen while reading the poem below.

‘Running Still’

As humans we are vulnerable to be enslaved by emotions,
the need to hold on through inevitable denial,
wildly running, we are stuck in motion.
Living in the past rather than building a future,
saying goodbye; the strongest weakness, a growing fear,
the opposite of our nurture.

The struggle to grasp onto the last bit of hope,
stretching your neck high up in a sinking boat,
barely reaching the layer of air at the ceiling,
our idea of survival, our search for meaning.
It is a drug,
an addiction,
it begins as an innocent love,
and grows into a rotting confliction.

We are Running Still.

Liberated by our thoughts, held captive by our mind,
the flashbacks it brought, force us to rewind.
Fastened amidst always and never,
restrained by the idea of alone or together,
a frozen image worth a million thoughts,
a million thoughts worth a frozen image.

We are Running Still.

So captured, so ethereous,
grieving the moment, and all that we be in it,
though it is yet to vanish, leaving us tarnished
an amenable sadness, ready to be garnished.

Moment to memory, memory to story.
Adorned by the yearning, to recover lost glory.
Blinded by our thoughts,
deafened by our vision,
distracting ourselves,
in a sensual collision.

We are Running Still

Like a bulb that shines ’til a sudden darkness,
a suction, removes us like needles from a birds nest,
feeling pointless, like creativity stripped of an artist,
enslaved by ourselves, yet our heart is our harness.

We must break free,
shatter the top of the boat, and breathe.
There are hearts to be filled,
victims to help, who are not strong willed.
Please, let this be the one,
balanced by tranquility and thrill,
the moment, we face and not run,
the moment, we are no longer
Running Still.

– Nicole Madi

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